The number of stressed Australians has increased by about a third to 4.9 million during the past decade.

Martin & Pleasance developed their unique Rest&Quiet range to target the key everyday emotional need states impacting our lives in the 21st century:

Stress, Sleep & Focus

The Rest&Quiet range upholds the Dr Bach legacy and Martin & Pleasance has honoured his teachings and philosophy in the development of our unique range today. Dr Bach believed that the emotional and mental state of a person influenced their whole health and wellbeing. A need for resilience and new coping methods are needed in order to tailor to the complexity of achieving a restful & quiet mind in our busy world.

The Rest&Quiet range are complex, contemporary combinations of Bach Flower Remedies, suited for the whole family. They are suitable for use during pregnancy & breastfeeding, for children, the sensitive and pets.

The Rest&Quiet range is also completely alcohol free, vegan* and gluten free.

Your moment of Calm.

Data taken from Medibank Health Insights 2017. *Excluding pastilles.

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