How to Improve Your Focus & ace Exams – Studying With the Right Prep.

Have you been struggling to focus while preparing for your exams? You’re not alone.

Even the most organised of people can become easily stressed at exam time. The pressure can cause feelings of worry and mild anxiousness, leading to a lack of focus and concentration. But never fear, here are our top tips on how to improve your focus, to help you feel confident about acing those exams.


1. Start with a calming, quiet space

Having a clear mind is super important when it comes to exam study. A calming, quiet space will make your mind feel at ease and get you in a zone of complete focus. Find a room away from the television with minimal distractions; an office or a library will do just fine.


2. Next, get organised with a clean space

A clear space = a clear head.

That’s right, this is probably one of the most important points. Clean your space and get rid of any clutter. If you can, store supplies under your desk or even behind your monitor for optimal space. Clear your study space to sharpen the mind and improve your concentration levels, keeping you focused and ready to answer those tough questions

Anything Else?

Reach for Rest&Quiets brain fog remedy. Light a candle and even play some light classical background music. Even listening to Beethoven could actually help you prepare for that test! By getting organised, you’ll be ready to tackle those tricky questions you’ve been avoiding after an effective and uninterrupted study session.


3. Get the snacks ready

A healthy snack plate will keep you fuelled and ready to tackle those essay questions. Prep some easy snacks like cut-up fruit, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese, crackers, and even some dark chocolate are nutritious snacks that will fuel that brainpower and promote focus.


4. Take regular breaks for ultimate productivity and focus

Studies show that regular breaks help your productivity. Set your timer for 45 minutes, then once the time is up, get up and go for a walk, drink some water and get away from your study space for a second; so that when you come back, you feel refreshed and ready to continue.


5. Hydrate!

Keeping hydrated is very important when it comes to studying. In fact, studies show that drinking water before an exam may increase your academic performance. Did you know that the human brain is 80% water? (LFA, 2019). So it’s super important to keep hydrated to help you think more clearly and improve your focus and memory. You may even experience greater clarity and creativity.


6. Study with a friend

Needing an extra push? Studying with a friend can help. Having somebody to discuss topics with and relay the answers to can help reinforce your learnings. They may be able to give you some pointers and share new learning methods or techniques to help you along the way. A friend is also a great source of encouragement. Give it a go!


7. Rest&Quiet Calm Formula and Rest&Quiet Focus Formula

Experiencing brain fog? Then try Rest&Quiet’s brain fog remedy to calm the mind and eliminate that foggy feeling; allowing for a sharper mind and total concentration when it’s needed. Eliminate procrastination and promote mental clarity in times of a study session. Or, reach for our natural stress relief to help ease feelings of overwhelm. Suitable for day and night use, simply apply two sprays on your tongue or place 4 drops on your tongue to help calm you before a big study session; keep it in your bag. This will be your saviour on exam day.

So there you have it, our top tips to help improve your focus and eliminate stress at exam time. We hope this has helped and has given you some direction to power through those exams. You got this!



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