Stress is inevitable as we move through life, but there are things that we can do to manage it. Here are 10 tips to help you better manage your stress.

1. Keep active

Keeping active is the best thing you can do to manage your stress levels. Aim for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day. Set a goal at the beginning of the week for 3-4 gym sessions and do your best to hit this target. You’ll feel amazing once you get into the rhythm, and it will begin to become part of your daily routine. Choose an activity that you enjoy, whether it be a run, a walk in nature or a sport like tennis, social netball, or group HIIT-style training. Whatever will get you moving your body, do that!

2. Take breaks from all devices

Yes, and by all devices, we really mean all devices. This includes your phone, Apple Watch, Television, and iPad. Allow yourself to step away from the screens and completely switch off. Did you know that our devices can elevate feelings of stress? The constant pinging of notifications and frequent checking can trigger a stress response, releasing cortisol into the body. Try to put the screens away to avoid putting your body through that constant stress response.

3. Plan your day

A daily plan will allow you to have a direction for your day. Start with the most challenging tasks first, then work your way down in order of importance. If you have a lot of work to get through, set yourself a time limit of 45 minutes of pure focus, followed by a 10-minute break. Reach for Rest&Quiets bach rescue remedy at the beginning of your day to set the tone; and manage your workload with a calm approach.

4. Fuel your body with nourishing foods

Did you know that certain foods help to relieve stress naturally? Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal topped with berries, have dark chocolate and chamomile tea as an afternoon snack and opt for Salmon at dinner time. Each of these foods aid in stress relief and should be a staple in your diet if you’re wanting to better manage your stress. Or, if you’re looking for another form of natural stress relief then reach for Rest&Quiet Calm.

5. Talk to a friend, a loved one or a professional

Sometimes, all you need is a good talk with a friend or a loved one for advice and another opinion when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up, having friends and family like this can really help to boost your happiness and reduce your stress. Or talk to a professional. Sometimes, you don’t want to load your worries onto your loved ones or want to keep things private. A professional will give you sound advice and solutions to help better manage your stress.

6. Reach for Rest&Quiet Calm Formula

We all need to restore & manage our inner calm when feelings of stress and mild anxiety begin to dominate our moment. Rest&Quiet Calm Formula has been developed to assist you during these unwanted times of stress and overwhelm. Developed with Dr Bach’s traditional Flower remedies, this is the stress relief you wish you knew about sooner. Suitable for day & night use to support our emotional and well-being needs.

7. Go for a beach walk

Spending just 20 minutes walking along a beach can instantly boost your mood, and if you don’t believe it – give it a try. Take in your surroundings, breathe, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The beach is truly good for the soul.

8. Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake

This is a big one, but if you’re wanting to get on top of managing your stress levels; then it’s time to look at your caffeine and alcohol intake. There is a clear link between caffeine, or alcohol and increased feelings of stress and mild anxiety. Therefore, you should make a conscious effort to reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake. Lucky for us, there are now many great coffee and alcohol alternatives out there to help make the transition easier. So, opt for a decaf coffee or herbal tea to help reduce your caffeine intake. There are also many 0% alcohol options available now for those of you who are determined to cut back on alcohol.

9. Drink more water

Keeping hydrated will help you to keep your stress levels down. Why? As each cell in the body requires water, when you’re not well hydrated your body will produce more cortisol (the stress hormone). This is why it’s important to keep well hydrated. We want to slow down the production of cortisol as much as we can.

10. Take time to unwind before bed

Lastly, make a conscious effort to unwind each night before bed. Quality sleep is so important when it comes to stress management. Spend a dedicated few hours to yourself to unwind at each night. Take this time for you to relax and treat yourself with some self-care. Unwinding properly will help to improve the quality of your sleep. So pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea, draw a bath, pick up a good book and reach for Rest&Quiets calm or sleep formula to help you drift into a peaceful nights sleep.

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