The Rest&Quiet Difference

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Original Dr Bach Method & Potency

We say no to homeopathic dilution. In every bottle, experience high quality, original strength Bach Flowers.

Modern Day Formulations

The Calm Formula contains Dr Bach’s 5 flower rescue formula + an 3 extra flowers to support stress demands in the 21st century. The Sleep Formula is specific for sleep needs. The Focus Formula is uniquely developed with the addition of Vitamin B12 for cognitive needs.

Feel the Difference?

We encourage you to taste, feel and experience the Rest&Quiet Difference. Alcohol free, natural emotional support for you and your whole family.

About Rest&Quiet

Rest&Quiet is a natural stress relief, Bach Flower Remedy brand. Our formulas are developed for the modern day, and provide support for Stress, Sleep and Focus needs. We promise the highest Bach Flower standards, by ensuring formulas are prepared in accordance with Dr Bach’s Original methods.

We are proudly Australian Made & Owned, Suitable for the Whole Family and Alcohol Free.

Explore the Range

Dr Bach logo - founder of bach flower essences


Overwhelmed by the stresses and anxieties of daily life? Find your moment of calm with the Rest&Quiet Calm Formula.


Are worrying thoughts keeping you awake at night? Quiet the mind and wake refreshed from a well-rested sleep with the Rest&Quiet Sleep Formula.


Have an overwhelming to do list and struggling to stay on task? Say goodbye to brain fog and discover natural all-day mental clarity with the Rest&Quiet Focus Formula.


Moving house? Introducing a new pet to the family? Preparing for a long car journey? Calm and support your dog, cat, or pet during times of stress or change in environment with the Rest&Quiet Pet Formula.


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