How to Find Calm & Focus In The Workplace

During times of stress and mild anxiety in the workplace – our days can quickly become overwhelming. There’s that overflowing list you can’t ignore and maybe that talkative workmate that you find yourself talking to a little too much, but let us tell you – procrastinating is never the answer. With the right tactics, you can get back on track and find your moment of calm and focus in the workplace. Let’s get into it.



Find Calm & Focus In The Workplace


Check your mindset

Are you feeling happy, sad or maybe irritable or tired? Your emotions play a huge role in your level of productivity. If you’re feeling like you are struggling to find a sense of calm or focus – get some fresh air and take a walk. Walking will help you get your creative juices flowing again and put you in a better mood. There’s a good chance you’ll feel more productive and positive about your work afterwards, too.


Take control to remain focused

Multi-tasking can make you feel like you’re being productive, but at the end of the day – the constant jumping between tasks has actually done nothing but keep you from getting essential jobs done. Instead, try focussing on one task at a time, trust us. As you slowly tick one thing off after another, you’ll feel proud of yourself and satisfied, and your workload will feel a little lighter. Keep Rest&Quiets brain fog remedy on you at all times to help you keep your focus. 


Use affirmations

If you find yourself worrying and getting easily stressed, focus on speaking in an encouraging voice to yourself. Positive self-talk is truly powerful.


Share good news 

Positive energy is contagious. Sharing some good news with your colleagues can do wonders for your workplace and help put others in a happy mood. If you notice others are feeling a little flat, share a compliment or do something nice that you know will put a smile on their face.


Reach for Rest&Quiet Calm Formula

Need something to take the edge off? We’ve got just the thing. Rest&Quiets natural stress relief is just what you need— traditionally used to calm the mind and relieve stress and mild anxiety symptoms. Our calm drops can be used day or night to support emotional and well-being needs. We all need to restore & manage our inner calm when stress, mild anxiety, restlessness, irritability, over-stimulation, and fear dominate our moment.


Reach for Rest&Quiet Focus formula

The Rest&Quiet focus remedy is traditionally used to calm the mind and support mental concentration & clarity. Perfect for those busy work days. Let Rest&Quiet help you get the most out of your day by removing the barriers of brain fog and helping you maintain your mental energy.

We hope this is helpful for you through your work day and that you can begin to manage your load to become a more balanced version of yourself. For more tips, please visit our Wellness Hub.





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